David Anson

What I Offer

Are you in Business? I can offer you advice on the following?

·         The impact of adjoining planning applications on your business.

·         How to present your planning application’s case in the best possible way.

·         How the local authority’s development plan and the government’s planning advice will affect you.


Are you proposing to submit a planning application for any of the following?

·         Extending your house or your premises.

·         Building a new house or several.

·         Erecting a new office, leisure or industrial building.

 Are you wondering if you need planning permission or not?

·         If you are a householder or in business, there are many exemptions to planning and advertisement control.

Are you proposing to invest in wind energy, photo-voltaics or any form of green energy?

·         Are you unsure of the advantages or disadvantages?

·         Do you know what’s on offer in the market?

·         Do you want to go off-grid?

Are you a member of a Community Group in need of advice?

·         I can advise on how to make representations to your local authority on that development affecting your members.

·         If you are campaigning to save an historic building or asset/site, I can advise your group.