Small Office Support provides Virtual PA/ Admin Business Support.

Angela Anson

Can you benefit from the services below either as an individual or as a business?

You only pay for the time that I work for you.  I charge on an hourly basis and it can be for as little as 2 hours per day = 10 hours per week. This may not seem a lot but you will see the benefits of a more efficient and stress free life when the paper work is completed and organised.

Or you can have more hours if that is required.

Working with you can be undertaken on a regular or one off basis.

  • Executive/Director PA.
  • Data Entry, Database Creating/Editing.
  • Typing reports either using digital audio dictation, hand written or type as you talk. 
  • Minutes at meetings.
  • Diary Management/Travel Arrangements.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Mail Merging/Marketing/Promoting.
  • Induction of staff/Updating staff records and other HR roles.
  • Coordinating Production.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • PAYE using HMRC Real Time Information package for 9 employees or less.
  • Setting up your office procedures.
  • And much more.

If you are a person that holds everything in your head, don't worry.  We work with a lot of people that hold everything in their head. If you have built a business up it can be difficult to start to delegate. You know that you can't carry on the way that you are. I just need you to decide what admin support that you need.

Added benefits for you.

  • I give you your time back.
  • I save you on employee costs.
  • I save you on pension contributions.

Do not struggle on, call upon Small Office Support to rescue you from your paperwork.

Now that you have decided to seek the admin support that fits your requirements just contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Thank you.


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